Below is a selection of the projects that I am currently working on (updated December 2013):

Steering group membership

Community-based initiatives in energy saving- this project, led by the University of Southampton, is exploring whether community group action will encourage a reduction in habitual energy use (in homes already retrofitted).

Current projects

The smart meter roll-out and energy saving

I am working with Groundwork UK on a piece of action research for DECC exploring the role of different messengers and messages in delivering energy saving advice to the fuel poor and those with long-term health conditions, alongside the smart meter roll-out.

Community groups and electricity demand reduction
I am currently writing a paper with Sustainability First as part of their multi-year GB electricity demand project, exploring how local balancing can work and how community groups can work with DNOs on electricity demand-reduction to avoid extra generation or investment in the networks.


Innovation in consumer-facing demand-side technology
This paper, with Frontier Economics and Sustainability First is exploring how innovation is being supported in storage and building automation technology to help drive demand-reduction at a household and business level. 


The Remakery
I am a co-Director of the Remakery, a co-operative  developing a shared workspace, educational space, and incubator for local enterprises and projects based on the re-use and upcycling of resources that would otherwise go to waste.

Improving environmental policy-making
This project with the Policy Studies Institute is exploring whether a What Works Centre could improve evaluation at Defra through an examination of other similar centres worldwide.